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TT4 Table Topper

Introducing a new way to hide and protect your kit as well as creating an attractive light show.

In the ever evolving world of dj equipment its comfortable to know that as your needs change as a DJ you can always have a constant solution to supporting your equipment.

The TT4 can easily accommodate any midi controllers, laptops, effects units or CDJ set-up’s.The top shelf is easily capable of holding 30kgs +. And with its unique supported design is extremely sturdy and gives the user a professional finish that will prove to be a wise investment.

  • Available in white and black
  • Hardwearing textured gloss power coated finish
  • Carry bag included
  • In-built led light show included (non led version available)
  • Set-up in under a minute
  • Can accommodate the most “tech hungry” set-up
  • Weight approx 10 kg
  • Foam shelf
  • Protective Rubber feet

£Special order item. Call or email for pricing